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  1. I guess this will be my sticky re: Paleo/LC eating and all to which it pertains

    I will fill in the info later as I gather it up. For now feel free to use the search option here on Budoseek for any of my posts in the last year or so. That will give me a chance to get my ducks in a row.
  2. Welcome to our new Blogs!

    As everyone might have noticed by this point, we have a few new features here in BudoSeek, and Blogs are one of those.

    Although I would love to give everyone the opportunity to have their own blog, due to wanting to keep clutter to a minimal and be able to maintain some quality control, I have restricted the number of individual members who may have their own blog. Afterall, it should be a reward for long time members who have proven themselves as loyal members or assumed some level ...
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