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  1. And So Begins Spring.....

    by , 04-10-2011 at 23:50 (The Budo Odyssey: Living and Training in Japan)

    Right now the buzz around Japan is the tremendous earthquake that devastated Tohoku (thusly named the Tohoku Daijishin). We're living geographic history. I have witnessed Mt Saint Helens erupt and now I have been in one of the biggest earthquakes on record. Needless to say, there was (and still is) a great amount of fear in Japan, the Fukushima power plant disaster, the tainted water, the fear of an aftershock ...

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  2. Learning to Know Nothing

    by , 02-20-2011 at 03:25 (The Budo Odyssey: Living and Training in Japan)
    Some people claim to know what koryu bujutsu is. They have read a great deal on the subject, seen a few (perhaps many) videos on it from BAB, perhaps they even ventured to Japan to train and attended an embukai or two. The despite the volumes of information one can read on the subject, the videos, the seminars or the trips to Japan, there are very few people who actually have an actual understanding of what koryu bujutsu or kobudo is. Those that do however could not describe what they know in it ...
  3. Visiting a Dojo in Japan

    by , 02-19-2011 at 22:46 (The Budo Odyssey: Living and Training in Japan)
    Every year hundreds (if not thousands) of people travel to Japan in search of martial arts training. They put up a great deal of money to do so and go through great efforts to "do it for real" and take a taste of the budo culture home with them. Everyone has different reasons for doing it: some are coming over to expand on the martial art they practice; others are trying to make contacts and start anew in an art; some are just wanting to try something new and see what becomes of it.

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  4. The Myth of the Straight Bladed Ninja Sword

    The reason I write and post things on blogs such as this is to try to end the confusion that often surrounds ninjutsu. Past things I have put up on the internet about the Koga ryu, the Godai and such help folks to correct mistaken impressions, and there are a lot of them in the art of ninjutsu.
    One of the most pervasive ones is the idea that the ninja used a straight bladed sword because they could not afford to make ones like those used by the samurai. This mistaken impression is one of ...
  5. The sports centers, kendojo, judojo and Budokan!

    by , 01-29-2011 at 21:24 (The Budo Odyssey: Living and Training in Japan)
    One thing that is interesting about Japan is that they have public "sports centers". These are public facilities, run by the "government" and entry is usually only a charge of a few hundred yen for entrance, depending on the facility (the amount of time is also varied, but usually not too expensive). They usually have pools, tracks, weight rooms, running machines, basketball courts, tennis courts and the like. Many of them have also feature a wooden floor "kendo dojo" and "judo dojo" that anyone ...
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