Good day everyone!

Due to some software security issues, I have decided to permanently disable the Photo Gallery on our site. You will note that the links for them have been removed. What we discovered is that the software being used has been compromised to the point in which hackers were able to insert links to porn sites within the gallery, and this also presented a serious danger to the integrity of our database which runs the entire site. Unfortunately, most of the photos that were online are not recoverable, but if you had a photo you were particularly fond of and don't have a local copy somewhere, please contact me, and I will see if there is some way that I can recover it.

Since most folks love to post photos, I have enabled User Albums for all members. To get to how to create your albums and upload photos, just go to the User CP link (in the navigation bar) and from there, look for a link that says Pictures and Albums. For others to view your album, they can go to your public profile.

Some information that you need to know about User Albums.

* 20 pics max per album.
* Each picture uploaded should be no more than 250 kilobytes in size, and have dimensions that are not greater than 600 pixels in height or width. We kept these small to allow you to upload more photos.
* Maximum photo storage for all your User Albums will be initially set to 10 megabytes.

Adjustments in these requirements may be made in the future if needed.

Finally, the usually content restrictions apply. No nudity, racist, hateful or other photos that might be considered offensive.

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please feel free to ask.