Every so often, we have members that have trouble logging in. Thankfully this is pretty rare, but it can be particularly frustrating to new members that may want to contribute. So, I have put together a few tips for helping you get online.

First, for this and other general usage and troubleshooting, plesae visit out the FAQ. You will see several categories at the bottom. Give them a click, and you may find the answer you are looking for.

Problems with logging in can be due to several factors. Browser settings, firewall, ad-blockers, ISP, etc. could be the cause of your problem. Basically anything on your end that fliters Internet traffic can cause this problem. So here are a couple of things you might try.

1. Prior to trying to log in, clear your cookies. You can do this by following this link: http://www.budoseek.net/vbulletin/login.php?do=logout
You can also manually clear your cookies by going to where the cookies for your computer are stored and deleting everything with "budoseek.net" in the cookie name. The location depends upon the type of browser you use. If you need help in this regard, send me an email and let me know which browser you use and what your operating system is.

2. Passwords are CaSE sENsiTivE and you must type it in exactly as you did when you first signed up. So make sure that your CAP LOCK is off on your keyboard. If you just forget your password, click the 'Forgotten Your Password' link on any page that requires you to fill in your password.

3. Check your browser settings.

a. If you are using Internet Explorer, right-click on the desktop and the Internet Properties dialog box should appear. Click on the Privacy tab. Make sure that the privacy level is set no higher than "Medium". You can also go to the Edit button and manually type in "budoseek.net" in the text box labeled "Address of Web Site". Then Allow. This should take care of the problem.

b. If you use Netscape or Mozilla, open the browser and then click "Edit" in the menu bar, then click the + to the left of "Privacy and Security", then click "Cookies". First, ensure that "Enable cookies based on privacy settings" is clicked. Then click "View". Make sure that the Privacy Settings are set to Medium or Low. Then click OK. If this does not work, try to change your Cookie settings to "Ebabme all cookies", and then try to log in.

4. Have a firewall? Some users with ZoneAlarm Pro and Norton Internet Security has reported problems in logging in. Try disabling the firewall for a few minutes and then try logging in. If that worked you know this is the problem. You can either leave it disabled while surfing the forums, or you can try to change the settings to make BudoSeek! a trusted site. Consult your programs Help files, but somewhere in there, you can indicate which sites are trusted or you can accept cookies from. You will probably have to type in the domain name, so just type in budoseek.net.

If you continue to have problems, please feel free to contact me at webmaster@budoseek.net. Please give me a detailed description of what problem you are having and what steps you have taken to resolve the problem. Also please indicate what web browser you are using and your operating system.