Facts About Nootropics

L-theanine and Caffeine – The Killer Combo

New data is coming out at an ever increasing rate. Take all information here with a grain of salt, do your own research and stay safe.
So what is the low-down? Are L-theanine and caffeine a good combo? Will they make your stomach explode or give you the super powers you are looking for?
Here is our understanding:
Typical L-Theanine + Caffeine dosage recommendations:
400mg L-Theanine + 100mg Caffeine
Are L-Theanine and Caffeine safe together?
Yes they are. Test with smaller dosages, and work your way up to the desired level.
How many doses of caffeine and L-theanine should you take a day?
One to two.
Are there side effects combining L-theanine and caffeine?
No. You will build a tolerance slowly which you can reset by going cold turkey for 1-2 weeks. Too much caffeine as we all know will mess up your sleep. Top avoid this, take it strategically.
How do I get more of an effect from caffeine and L-theanine?
Up your dosage but stay safe. Typically its best to cycle on and off.
Does L-theanine and caffeine effect GABA receptors?
This is correct. However as with all substances, new research is constantly coming out. Stay up to date and stay SAFE!

Top 8 Catecholaminergic Nootropics

Here we go. The top scientifically proven nootropics. I know what you are thinking – FINALLY some actual research behind these spooky drugs I am throwing into my body. For more details, a link to the full report has been provided. As always, be safe and remember you only have one body.
Catecholaminergic Nootropics – Which ones work?
1 – Methylphenidate:
No. of tests included in the review: 56
Results: Working memory enhancement. Some evidence of increased attention. No evidence for vigilance improvement or wakefulness.
2 – Modafinil
No. of tests included in the review: 51
Results: Moderate improvement in attention. No evidence for vigilance improvement.
3 – Amphetamines
No. of tests included in the review: 24
Results: Strong results for verbal learning, delayed memory, vigilance and inhibitory control.
4 – COMT inhibitor: Tolcapone
No. of tests included in the review: 3
Results: Some positive effects in encoding. No effects on memory or selective attention.
5 – Pramipexole:
No enhancement.
6 – Alpha2 adrenergics receptor agonists:
No enhancement.
7 – Serotoninergic and noradrenergic antidepressive agents:
No enhancement.
8 – Caffeine:
Small improvements in performance. Major effect is reversal of withdrawal.
There you have it. More food for thought and more things to research. Wahoo!

The long term effects of a high caffeine dosage

Just want the juicy stuff? Skip to the summary at the bottom!
Most people are happy with one or two coffee’s a day. This can quickly turn into 3,4,8 or 10 cups within a few weeks as people chase that constant high. The problem with this is depending on the coffee, each cup could be the equivalent of between 40 and 100mg. This means if you are drinking 5 cups a day, that could be 500mg of caffeine which is very hard on your adrenal system.
Chances are if you get to this stage, you will literally be dependent on your coffee / caffeine fix to get you through the day. Without it, you will experience withdrawal symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, sickness, headaches and more.
The scientific stuff:
So what are the long term effects of high caffeine dosages?
Studies have shown a number of correlations with diseases you don’t want to have. These include:
Folate deficiency
Skin cancer
Alcoholic Liver Injury
These tests have all been conducted on rats however, and it quite common knowledge that our body is not exactly the same as theirs. The studies typically range for a number of months, so the effects long term (years) could be quite drastic.
Other studies have shown high levels of heart damage, fatigues adrenal systems and cosmetic issues such as heavily stained teeth.
Basically in summary, not enough testing has yet been completed on adults with respect to long term caffeine effects. There have however been many studies on mice and rats that show some negative outcomes. Further tests have shown (especially in the short term) the strain high caffeine can put on your body.
The best advice is to stop taking so much! But how will you survive without your 10 coffee’s a day? The answer is simple. Stop taking coffee altogether and start taking a smarter supplement to replace it. What am I referring to? Insert a site here. They sell stupidly high quality caffine + l-theanine pills. The caffeine gives you the hit you need (100mg) and the l-theanine makes it not only last longer, but magnifies the cognitive benefits while avoiding headaches, jitters and fatigue.

How To Use Nicotine As A Nootropic

So you want to experiment with nicotine? Well for starters and as a disclaimer, it is highly addictive. This is the key reason it is in smoking. It is great for creating habits, but obviously habits can be a good thing or a bad thing.
Assuming you know all the dangers and are wiling to risk it, lets get into it:
Our suggestion is to firstly ensure you get some HIGH QUALITY nicotine. This can be a powder, but you have less chance of messing up and overdosing by buying a nicotine solution. This will typically be 50-100mg and can be found from many ‘vape’ sites. Dilute it to a level that is comfortable for you and you are good to go. IF you consume it in vape form, it will take effect very quickly so be ready and use it tactically.
How much to take? This depends on past experience / dosage / usage. We experimented with 1mg dosages and had great results. Many people will go for 2mg or even 4, however you can quickly build a dependence by using so much. We suggest cycling often. Never use it for more than three days in a row, and cycle it with caffeine and anything else you use to achieve those limitless focus-highs.
Nicotine can be a great tool or a dangerous addiction. We suggest sticking to caffeine and l-theanine stacks which can be found very easily, have a huge amount of research behind them, give you increased focus and energy, and are safe!

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