How To Lose Stomach Fat And Get A Six Pack

If you want to build a great body where you can show off your six pack, you’ll need to have a combination of a great workout, and a great diet, that will have you both build muscle and lose fat stomach.

It’s the combination of weight training workouts and a diet that will be the keys to success.

If you do one and neglect the other, it will not work, as your muscles will be covered with a thick layer of fat and your abs won’t show.

Let’s first of all clear up a common misconception here. Many people think you just need to work out your abs to get a six pack.

That won’t get you there! You need to gain muscle in all muscle groups, including your abs, but not just in the abs, if you want good abs.

When you do this, you’ll be admired for a shapely body that’s balanced and has a well shaped chest, shoulders and arms that others can tell with your clothes on, but also a six pack that can be seen when your shirt is off.

But not only that.

The higher muscle mass that you gain will raise your metabolism and accelerate your fat loss so you get results quicker – much quicker. When you work out large muscle groups especially the legs, and with exercises that involve the whole body at once, you’ll kick start you body’s production of the right hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone, to build muscle fast and metabolise the fat away.

So let’s start with your workout.

With your workout, here are some tips to get your abs in shape:

1. Ensure that you’re working the big muscle groups like the legs with compound exercises to boost the testosterone that we talked about. That is, you’re doing squats with a barbell, or deadlifts with a barbell. Also, doing wide arm chin ups to strengthen the back muscles, which is an exercise that requires you to tense many muscle groups at once, will help you to achieve this effect. Aim for 8-15 repetitions per set.

2. With the exercises on the abs themselves, include resistance exercises not just sit ups, especially if you’re getting stronger or are already quite strong. This will accelerate your gains as you’re using weights instead of just your bodyweight, as well as take you less time to complete the exercises. Some examples include the rope pull downs for abs, or the weight machine for crunches.

3. Workout your lower abs by doing leg raises on the high bar or on the parallel bars, with continuous motion and no stopping at the end of each movement.

Now this site is mainly about diet, so let’s talk now about diet tips.

I’d suggest that you read the pages about how to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, and also about the high protein low carb diet to get some solid grounding on your nutrition.

In addition, I’m going to give you a few more ideas about diet, taken from the book called The Abs Diet, by David Zinczenko.

He lists some great power foods. Many people don’t know about them as they’re not even aware of the power of the foods they eat in causing the body to grow muscly and to lose excess fat.

How do they do this? He gives great explanations. Simply, they 1. stimulate testosterone production, especailly the monounsaturated fats, 2. are lean sources of protein, 3. are great sources of water rich foods that are not dense and are not full of excess calories, 3. provide loads of antioxidants.

They include:

1. Whey protein powder

2. Eggs

3. Spinach

4. Peanut butter

5. Olive oil

6. Beans and pulses

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